Liquid tank filter sealing silicone to upgrade

by:Cupidove     2020-05-04

liquid tank filter sealing silicone products potting jelly glue is a kind of low viscosity adhesive gel transparent bicomponent molding silicone potting sealant, room temperature curing, can also heat curing, has the characteristics of the faster the higher curing temperature. Usually A component for transparent liquid, team B is blue ( Color may allocate according to customer's request) , after curing, the sealing effect is excellent, long-term use of surface won't craze.

liquid trough jelly glue does not produce any by-products in the curing reaction, can be applied to PP, ABS, PC ( 聚- 碳酸盐岩) , PVC and other material and the surface of the metals, electronic products, seal, in effect, high efficiency air filter tank seal, seal, moisture, shock, and insulation protection.

liquid tank filter sealing silicone potting jelly glue use method and matters needing attention

1, mix before, first of all, the part A and part B in the respective container fully stir well.

2, mixed, shall abide by the part A: B = 1:1 weight ratio.

3, liquid groove glue according to the need for deaeration when using. Can mix A and B, the mixture evenly into the vacuum container, after in - 0. 08 mpa deaeration under 5 minutes, perfusion can be used.

4, should be in the above technical parameters given in the table of before and after the curing temperature, keep the corresponding curing time, if the thickness is thicker, curing time may be over. At room temperature or heat curing. Rubber because of the influence of curing temperature, curing speed of the winter should be a long time to cure, recommended heating mode curing, curing under 80 ~ 100 ℃ for 20 minutes, usually takes 8 hours under room temperature curing.

5, the following material may hinder the curing of the product, or not curing occur, so, after the validation check is easy application, when necessary, the need to wash application area.

liquid tank filter sealing silicone products potting jelly glue technology parameter

before mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

set points

part A

part B

yan color

colorless transparent liquid

blue transparent fluid

sticky degree ( cP)

1400 + 200

800 + 200

after mixing property ( 25℃,65% rh)

blending ratio ( Weight ratio)

A: B = 1:1

yan color


blend viscosity ( CP)


25 ℃ operating time ( hr)

1。 5

curing time ( Hr at room temperature)


curing time ( 分钟,80℃)


hard degree ( 海岸)

below 0

note: can special deployment according to the

liquid tank filter sealing silicone potting jelly glue regular packing specification

A: 20 kg/kg 200 B: 200 kg, 20 kg/drum vacuum packing

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