Liquid silicone rubber was married to shenzhen Cupidove silica gel

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

liquid silicone rubber was married to shenzhen Cupidove silica gel

shenzhen Cupidove silicone factory full name is shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. , you know about the section Cupidove company today, and give you a choice.

shenzhen Cupidove silica gel co. , LTD. , founded in 1998, is specialized is engaged in the silica gel, silicone rubber production, research and development, sales for the integration of the silicone group co. , LTD. , the group company in Hong Kong Cupidove co. , LTD. , established in 2005, shenzhen Cupidove silicone factory, shenzhen Cupidove silicone co. , LTD. , subordinate enterprises.

the company production of silicone, silicone rubber, RTV - 2 mold silicone rubber, RTV silicone rubber and liquid silicone, silicone products rubber, silicon likang, pad printing silicone, rubber pad printing paste, arts and crafts with silicone rubber, hand-board model design special silicon, liquid silicone rubber molding, food-grade silicone, shoes mold silicone, electronic potting glue, silica gel, trademark plastic and leather embossed plastic, rubber, tire special die coating silicone, silicone oil, silicone oil, heat conduction electronic adhesive, LED display special silicon, bronzing silicone plate, lead and zinc alloy technology silicone, rubber disk, HTV glue, electronic silica gel, Cupidove vision: let Cupidove people a happy family, successful career, and happiness!

Cupidove mission: to help everybody Cupidove change destiny, improve income, create value and realize the freedom of wealth.

Cupidove core values: customer value, the pursuit of ideal, hard, serious and responsible, cooperation a win-win situation.

Cupidove spirit: go all out, serious and responsible.

Cupidove management idea: do the silicone industry and application of technical standards and provide technical solution proposal to the applications of silica gel, continuing to create value for our customers.

Cupidove policy: go all out, serious and responsible, continuous reform and improve quality.

solid silicon rubber, 107, 36 series such as injection molding silicone, hundreds of kinds of silicone products, is now exported southeast Asia and Europe and the United States more than 100 countries and regions.

manufacturer of silicone products Sex toys is liked by everyone and is used in every household.
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