Liquid silicone rubber in the medical equipment use

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

liquid silicone rubber in the medical devices use

in the past 20 years, silicone products rubber products constantly updated, varieties of more than thousand, it is mainly used for high silicon content, load a great car, transportation, recreation, medical and other fields.

1。 Medical supplies special liquid silicone rubber in numerous synthetic rubber, silicone rubber is the most famous of these. It has the characteristics of avirulent insipidity, not afraid of heat and cold. In the 300 ℃ and - 90 ℃, still maintain a certain strength and elasticity. rubber has good electrical insulation, oxygen aging resistance, light aging resistance and mildew resistance, chemical stability, etc. Because has the excellent performance, the silicone rubber got very extensive application in modern medicine.

1。 1 special organs or tissues liquid silicone rubber these products can be divided into long-term and short-term stay in the body of the product. Long-term stay in the body of the products are hydrocephalus drainage device, artificial lung, retina implant, meninges, larynx, artificial joint, artificial tympanic membrane, dental impression and ligaments MianRuan liner, artificial tendon and artificial heart valve accessories, etc. Short stay in the body of rehydration, rescue and drainage pump, antiblocking or products with intravenous cannula defoaming effect, catheters, peritoneal dialysis tube, contact lenses, blood transfusion tube, casing pressure tube, the chest drainage tube, gastroscopy, otitis media, ventilation pipe, drainage pipe and nasal intubation.

1。 2 medical mechanical key components for liquid silicone rubber these products include artificial joint, artificial breast capsule, soft tissue expanders coated, knee film, heart valves, pump pipe, corrugated pipe, penile prosthesis, artificial skull coating for demanding products properties, such as heart must be high high strength, high resistance to tear and set a good stretch, low deformation and flexing medical silicone rubber production.

1。 3 cosmetic and reconstructive surgery for liquid silicone rubber for nearly 20 years, silicone rubber in the cosmetic and repair also has been widely used. Face of the defect was repaired with silicone rubber, such as repair under the forehead, nose, forehead, neck, outer ear defect and skull and chest surgery, etc. At present, the product is controversial in artificial breast implants. From the point of its analysis results, that lead to the causes of the problem may be filled by false body breast, leakage of the silicon gel or long-term foreign body reaction after implantation. This is not a final conclusion, it remains to be further observed and discussed. However, in order to eliminate the implanted person worries about silicone gel filled artificial breast, has now developed a safer injection of saline type artificial breast. This product compared with silicon gel filled, both feel a sense of security, is relatively better, and even a slight leakage can not cause harm to human body.

1。 4 drugs slow-release system for liquid silicone rubber to extend curative effect and improve the specificity and safety of drugs is an important subject in the study of medicine. Use silicone products rubber to control drug release ways mainly have two kinds of coating type and dispersed particles. At present, the use of silicone rubber biological materials for controllable relievers - matrix has been applied in birth control pills and anticancer drugs, and achieved good results. Release system can also be used for many other controlled release of drugs in animals

1. 5 in vitro supplies special liquid silicone rubber silicone rubber film has good air, through the characteristics of carbon dioxide and similar to human skin moisture evaporation of moisture permeability, and non-toxic, harmless to the human body, no allergy, not easy to cause the advantages of foreign body reaction or rejection, such as nylon, polyester fiber enhanced used as artificial skin membrane.

2 biomedical engineering special liquid silicone rubber mainly includes device for medical use, medical packaging materials, biological sensors implanted electrodes. 2. 1 intraperitoneal chemotherapy drug carrier for liquid silicone rubber is a silicone implantable intraperitoneal chemotherapy catheter system. The devices to medical silicone rubber as raw material, made up of 2 PCS catheter storage. 2 medical electrode ( Board) Due to come into contact with human body, so the requirement material soft, comfortable, to human body physiological inertia, non-toxic, no stimulation to skin, permeability is good. In use process need to bear high temperature and high pressure, solvent disinfection, and the performance is not affected. To meet the above requirements, silicone rubber as base material is more suitable. 2. 3 biosensor for liquid silicone rubber is not only in basic research, clinical medicine and food fermentation, environmental protection and other aspects shows good prospects, but also in vivo applications has become possible. Among them, the two kinds of biological sensors - — Biomedical eletrodes and implanted sensors are living is a typical application example. Used for transplantation of biological sensors usually need outside a layer of packaging materials, used to separate the surrounding physical environment, so the reliability and durability of the materials, such as biocompatibility put forward higher requirements. The silicone rubber layer outside the electrode can be very thin, water and other small molecules can freely pass. This kind of silicone rubber can be used as a kind of packing for glucose sensitive electrode, used to monitor and regulate glucose levels in the blood of the person with diabetes. Medical silicone rubber in life science, medical equipment, medicine and other fields has been widely applied, but there is still great potential, with the development of life science and biological materials research, it will make greater contribution to human society.

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