Liquid silicone roller matters needing attention in using and maintaining

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

matters needing attention in using and maintaining the liquid silicone products roller

a: before production debugging, please be sure to ensure the roller surface and the pressure of the mirror roller surface ( Embossing roll surface) Uniform parallel force of pressure production, debugging, avoid to cause rubber roller have critical crack phenomenon occurs due to uneven pressure.

2: the appropriate product processing from amplitude into a narrow range of manufacturing;

3: axis parts of wear and tear, defects such as regular inspection and repair to ensure roundness;

4: hang on both sides of rubber when unloading appropriate USES wood protection, in case the rubber apart;

5: avoid direct sunlight

6: ban placed directly on the ground;

7: when packing down the blade oriented, pay attention to the rubber surface scratch;

8: pay attention to keep roller clean.

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