Liquid silicone do not have a unified price cost what difference

by:Cupidove     2020-05-05

liquid silicone products do not have a unified price cost exactly where poor

on the market today, the price of silica gel differ in thousands ways, but most people are concerned about the price, that price low cost will be low, but the price should be high raw material cost is high, or a difference of more than, I am here to explain, but the production of silica gel is more complex, is, after all, chemical materials, uncontrollable factors is more, every material formula, so to speak, a miss is as good as a mile. So this kind of chemical materials, never buy too cheap, either on raw materials, or poor in the process, like building, jerry can also perfect building built appearance, but the actual is a dangerous. Silica gel, too, that we Cupidove silica gel for example. Why always someone said that the price is a little bit higher, but why do we but for 20 years, it grew, big customers to do more and more, because there is only one, that is a long time, Cupidove silicone always put quality as the bit, bluestar raw materials are imported and domestic suppliers, to ensure the quality of raw materials, process complete comprehensive, feeding, grinding, filtering, each are in place, even filter up to 3 times. Production of sophisticated, equipment is well-found, the workshop area is large, process improvement, the environment is good, and, more importantly, we have a large production team, research and development team, sales team, marketing team, ensure quality also ready to after-sales service at the same time, this is the reason why we grew. Therefore, the use of many large manufacturers hope to have a guaranteed quality, supply stability, good after-sales service suppliers. With these aspects, its cost-effective nature is high, the who will only focus on price is? Later, have a friend need to know about the silicone can be directly linked to himself, he has engaged in silicone industry for many years, hope to learn to grow together.

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