Liquid foaming silicone that manufacturer is good

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

liquid foaming silicone products that manufacturers of good

in recent years, because of the country's major layout of new energy vehicles and related policy guidance, involved in new energy car and battery factories across the country have sprung up rise, led, such as mass outbreak of foaming material such as silicone industry industry.

the foaming silica gel has been maturely applied in all walks of life, such as medical scientific research equipment, household electrical equipment, communication electronic equipment, and new energy automobile and other industries. And in the field of power battery, foaming silicone main use is seal cushion.

foaming silicone, also known as forming silica gel, composed of silicone and curing agent according to the proportion of 1:1, become soft after foaming and environmentally friendly elastic material.

Cupidove silicone manufacturer engaged in silicone industry for 21 years, continuous research and development, open enclosed areas, at present, the performance of foaming silicone products very mature.

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