Lead to the silicone bottom box size what are the main reason for the error

by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

silicone electronics coat and silica gel protective sleeve is belong to the exterior decorations, the size and appearance quality is more strict, for installation on the outside of the electronics product silicone bottom box with the function of protection and appearance and exterior protection box, the product the degree of thickness difference of 0. 2 mm may cause the product defects, so for the silicone components installed will try every means to solve the effect of the adhesive, believes that many silicone products factory don't want to appear in the process of machining the emergence of large quantities of bad, and the reason may because of installed is not appropriate, so any link in the process of processing small problems may cause big trouble!

recently, our company for the customer processing a silicone bottom box, and the customer is moving die is not to open mold production, and it is a small problem, however, caused serious consequences, because it is not mold steel, service life is too short, lead to mold a slight deformation phenomenon, and integral part of the product in 0. 5 mm wall thickness of local becomes zero. 3 mm, installed size of deformation, resulting in a large number of unhealthy phenomenon, in addition to appear in other aspects of product size error for the following reasons.

mold deformation cause product size error, so in the mold steel choice when they need to try to use better steel to ensure the normal use of mould life, and the proper mold maintenance maintenance, as well as the normal production can maintain the life of the mold. On the other hand the machine calibration is very important, due to the parallel clamping mould template need to up and down, up and down while the machine mould without correction is likely close lax, naturally, there is a dimension to product deviation phenomenon.

in addition to the machine also has a certain pressure and temperature, if the stress is may let the product deformation even smaller size, and the main reason is because of mould in the majority, so general silicone rubber products manufacturers in the mould design for product design and use effect and the details of the late and consider, and will inevitably be mold, die repair of silicone bottom box and want to do a good job in product quality, silicone protective products that still need from mold process fluctuation kongfu!

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