Laminated glass furnace silicone liquid silicone vacuum bag

by:Cupidove     2020-05-03

laminated glass furnace silicone liquid silicone products vacuum bag

silicone vacuum bag.

the working principle of the vacuum bag is the use of silica gel to make a product like plastic film. Set on the hull made of resin production, with pump, vacuum pump after the resin from the other side of the infusion, let resin soak all fiberglass cloth advection, resin curing, can remove the vacuum bag.

used to make ships vacuum bags, casting precision mould, medical products, food grade mould manufacturing, etc. Food grade environmental protection, non-toxic tasteless, through the FDA food grade certification; High tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more, good liquidity, easy perfusion; Can room temperature curing and heat curing, easy to operate.

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