Know - silicone product surface process What are the appearance treatment technique

by:Cupidove     2020-08-11

creative soft adornment of silica gel is a clothing, children prefer the silicone bracelet and sport silicone wrist band for students and people who love sports are prefer to wear, but is able to get consumers to buy its main reason is because security environmental protection material and creative diversity appearance, in the early age of the silicone bracelet have printing design decorative pattern effect can be done, for the wrist band is the movement style of sell like hot cakes, NIKE, adidas and other styles, at that time! Silicone wrist band which exterior process makes you highly attract?

it is because the surface craft factors also let many current intelligent electronic watches and bracelet better surface treatment effect, make the silicone products had better surface treatment technology, and the common bracelet processing, do you know how to make?

1, pad printing process: silica gel products printing process is a kind of surface treatment earlier, it is suitable for the silicone, rubber and plastic processing a variety of materials such as metal printing, mainly USES the printing ink after mechanical printing rubber head, main screen used in the early days of artificial wall charts, and now has been basically eliminated, the upgrade with the machine equipment, printing machinery have been developed to multicolor printing and at the same time after the glue head printing a variety of colors.

the printing effect to belong to the plane, surface is about 0. About 5 mm printing steps, the steps of the hand feel slightly convex point effect.

2, moulded: silicone accessories die surface is usually easily can be made directly on the product surface, the product of the mould surface with silica gel products factory processing concave and convex chamfer, directly to the silicone material into the mould pressing of curing after the product has the effect of concave and convex, usually many decorations are made into grooves, secondary oil filling processing, can be in the groove to join other color of the surface of the silica gel ink to make the product more than a kind of pigment.

in addition to this one way thought can also through the mold secondary moulded, the other colour into the surface, this way is not difficult, mainly due to want to other color first K pieces into the cavity of the packing processing, make product will naturally combined with color K multicolor effect, the difficulty lies in the sizing process and production efficiency.

3, silica gel, glue, the glue is currently the most popular of the silica gel decoration supplies technology, mainly through the mold material into the cavity face, through the deployment of color to color glue can be a dozen color production, at the same time the effect of the drop rubber products production, there will be a certain depth effect, with the hand touch can product among the parting line will have a color separation groove, size about 0. 5 mm or so, and effect of product of this process to get a lot of consumer recognition, decoration in the silicone bracelet and strap above also used more widely.

4, transfer printing, transfer printing process is divided into many types, in the industry of common basic have transfer printing process, such as metal, ceramic, plastic and other industries, and there are several ways of main silicone transfer printing.

thermal transfer is the silicone bracelet more common easy processing, it is mainly the high-temperature PET polyester film printing design is printed on the sublimation spent membrane, installed in the sublimation spent membrane on thermal transfer printing machine for printing, the operation is simple, the design of a forming, need not tinted.

and when some products can not be used heat transfer will need to use water transfer process, water transfer printing with special chemical treatment of thin film, after printed on the required color lines, flat on the surface of the water, use the function of water pressure, the transfer printing colour texture design on surface of silica gel products, when the coated automatically dissolved in water, after cleaning and drying, and then a layer of transparent protective coating when product has emerged as a distinct visual effect.

in addition to the above two kinds of transfer printing technology, the product is now more common is a mould heat transfer effect, this way, the same as the thermal transfer, will effect directly into the product's pictures of PET, the film has been produced by the design of mould structure will be moulded product registration, which process control is the cavity structure and the main technology film plate registration screen position, if there is no strict registration screen, make product will cause the overall migration.

the silicone bracelet appearance treatment technology at present in the silicone processing factory are common also the above several ways, but there are also using a laser carving, laser printing and sewing process, appearance and used for bracelet accessories above accounted for more than more or several!

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