Jump egg type and use what problem should note?

by:Cupidove     2020-03-20
Jump egg type and use what problem should note? Time: 2019 07 - 22 source: author: reading: about jump egg what do you know all, quick with small make up to learning how to learn, immediate access to the website and learn more! Jumped the definition of the egg egg can call egg-shaped vibrator, and the vibrator in the home massage chair, mobile phone vibrator is the same type, but used for different purposes. Jump species according to the convenience of the egg can be divided into: wired and wireless; According to the sex appeal is divided into: general and interests; According to the number can be divided into: single jump eggs, double jump, jump eggs; According to modelling respect is divided into: common round jump, tiny jump eggs, egg kind of jump egg shape; According to the material divided into hard plastic, transparent plastic, silicone, galvanized, plastic, etc. When buying can choose according to individual be fond of of your favorite dance eggs. Jump eggs before using problems before use, it is important to note that is your own feelings, sexual desire is coming. The environment is very important, must be in suitable temperature, comfortable environment, enough desire, body and mind are ready, can be used. Woman jump egg article must choose the color that oneself like, to good quality, nice and have fun is fun. Imagine, sexuality, batteries are bad, battery box all can't do it, will not bother, a vexed which mood is using it. So, don't care about you that dozens of pieces of oceans, spend a few blocks, you get the rest assured, comfort, comfort and fondle admiringly. Or you get is likely to be disappointed. Jump eggs, there are many here with the example of one hop. It should be at the right time to wear small condom, because your jump egg may be through a lot of sites, to pay attention to health. Can be directly capture the vast majority of people would choose the first stop, the highest peak to peak, actually this is wrong. Must know your sensitive, it is possible that the armpit, soles of the feet, it is possible that the ear, some nipple is not necessarily very sensitive, some people a lifetime also can't yd stimulus to orgasm, because her sensitive is not the place. Woman is most suited to jump egg massage place order: temple - Ear - The waist, these three points are relieve pressure, let the body relax. Then massage breast - Nipple - Thigh - Foot - The anus, this time is to mobilize libido, cultivate interest; Finally the perineum - The clitoris - G-spot, finally this link must win or change a condom, illidan itself is also a health, vagina use must wear a set of, or drop inside will in big trouble. If vaginal dryness problems, can try to use lubricant to solve. After the thing, must again caress yourself, don't go directly to showers, savor the climax of pleasure. Finally clean jump eggs, put in your collection box.
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