It's a two-component RTV silicone use items

by:Cupidove     2020-05-16

it's a two-component RTV silicone products has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance, can be in - Long-term use under 50 ~ 150 ℃; Excellent weather resistance; Good water resistance; To glass, aluminum excellent adhesion. Easy to use, quick construction, adhesive curing time is short. Therefore, widely used in building main body and elastic connection between decorative glass pieces and glass curtain wall, stone and metal curtain wall structure of elastic adhesive in the assembly. sealant in these buildings has become an important engineering material. Building on the use of silicone sealant mainly condensation RTV ( RTV) sealant. This type of sealant metropolitan let out a small amount of low molecular substances in the process of sulfide.

according to the release of different low molecular substances, condensation RTV silicone sealant can be divided into: acid type, oxime type, type type to take off the alcohol, ketone, amide, take off the hydroxylamine, etc. To take off the acetic acid type organic silicone sealant is the introduction, development and production of silicone sealant, but because of many advantages such as, for metal materials have a sharp taste, a corrosive action on reason and its application is limited by a certain; To take off the alcohol, take off the oxime organic silicone sealant is a neutral sealant, outside of copper metal materials, no corrosion, is a fast development, the dosage of varieties, wide application range, Take off a ketone type silicone sealant table dry time is very short, no corrosion, no pollution, high cost, is mainly used in electronic industry; Can be made low modulus silicone sealant products, mainly used for concrete joint sealing.

it's a two-component RTV silicone products sealant can use time adjustment method.

1。 Add starch to extend the use time. Can choose potato starch, rice noodles, etc. With the amount of 100 polymer based on 0. 5 ~ 10.

2。 Add cyclic dimethyl silane or degree of polymerization in the linear poly dimethyl silane oxygen to extend the time can be used; Can choose eight methyl siloxane ring four or six methyl siloxane, 50 copies of calcium carbonate, mix in three stick on, as basic material.

3。 Add specific structure of the organic silicone compound extended can use time; The specific structure of organic silicon compounds, siloxane refers to the following results: with the amount of 100 polymer based on 1 ~ 10. The characteristics of this method is not affect sealant adhesion.

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