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by:Cupidove     2020-09-28

in the change of science and technology, the VR's popular in this year is called the first year of black science and technology, the virtual now from development to the experience of real life in so many friends get various discussions, talking about whether it can time out of reality, talking about whether it will be eliminated by other products, what is the mode of acceptance in the future it will be with us, and so on many question marks, but on science and technology, said the VR is still a transition zone, in the future development direction and the augmented reality above as soon as possible from the virtual era, this is what we are looking forward to the scene.

VR now on the market is also very fire, and it makes people get a lot of applications in all walks of life, but now the fire or in combination with the actual situation is given priority to, or aspects of VR design will not be able to transcend intelligent product position, also can't instead of any electronic products, because it is mainly composed of virtual, it can in the future and ShiWuZhan now it will be a change in our eyes the human way of life of a product. Network flow both in the sentence 'just stood on the tuyere, pigs can fly, but now VR virtual reality technology of hot is undeniable fact that also has already become the next tuyere is the appearance of the trend of The Times. 'So the VR virtual will not be eliminated in the future.

the application of VR and extensive, everyone knows only after spread from VR from the press release, let us a lot of industry to obtain the very good application, it mainly in terms of military virtual reality of actual combat training, practice the soldier's courage, in the life convenient it very much, game experience, 3 d design effect test, forecast future tests, medical industry, the actual chat back and so on, through the lingjinghutong technology to design, the appearance of the above do not break the effect of science and technology, also let a person look on both sides of the lens to add solid silica gel products as a drum, exquisite appearance, let a person look like in the future development of a technology, but I have information as to the design of VR in the future will be more and more simple, may be a contact lenses or glasses glasses can clear the implementation of the dreamland.

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