Iphone7 listed, silicone cases followed by _ silica gel set of factory

by:Cupidove     2020-09-17

the development of electronic products has grown in recent years, starting from 12 years until now every year there are certain days are electronic products from the peak period, and this year than in previous years is mobile phone industry benchmark brands to get the attention of the world, the iphone to become the world people focus on the product, according to media reports, is a worldwide release IFA consumer electronics show in September, the iphone7 and other different type mobile phone also gradually until this time. For the silicone products industry had heard the news, and to be listed on the mobile phone design all kinds of novel silicone cases, such as the iphone, HTC, huawei and so on well-known brand.

the apple is the mobile phone industry has been the most popular with the customers of a mobile phone, and then a lot of buyers of mobile phones spare protect natural consciousness to a certain extent, also once upon a time two years seems phone silicone case as the iphone protection have the effect of many, however the silicone unique performance material for many mobile phone enthusiasts have a protective phone silicone sets. Receive online since June need to customize a new iphone7 with HTC Desire 10 Pro cases, size 4. 7 and 5. 5 inches and appearance shape is more outstanding originality, to put forward a design style and color with body color different collocation.

from the silica gel products factory from the production of all kinds of craft, the produce of cases are mainly the quality for this, because is not listed in case of specific requirements and specifications are not understand clearly, the main production of apple phone cases of mould design become a key, the size precision requirements, whether the hardness of raw materials to ensure that finished products of tensile strength and resistance to yellow effect and so on, so choose the best way in all respects and processing. And for the new silicone cases have a need to develop the sample mold or new mould can be consulting us, looking forward to your call!

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