Introduction to the silicone products of ageing problems

by:Cupidove     2020-09-19

superior performance, non-toxic tasteless, high and low temperature resistance of the people may know it's the silicone products, all aspects of the performance of the superior really so? This is part of a guess, just in the silicone products, more than 80% of the products are no problem, customer response is good, but there are some product quality always has a problem, but the occurrence of defective rate is not impossible, users will gradually aging after using for a long time, so the silicone products? What are the causes of ageing, to talk.

the first silicone products aging reason very much, although the material performance is good, but long time application in different fields have different aging time, some applications in high temperature place is aging more quickly, a few years don't like a long time in will appear cracks, temperature reaches a certain height in the middle of the industrial manufacturing, silica gel parts can raise oxygen diffusion effect to accelerate the oxidation reaction of silicone rubber material, this is also our common thermal effect, lead to one of the most common phenomenon of the silicone rubber aging deformation, so in use process should be long-term climate temperature modulation, appropriate water cooling, and so on.

there are also many chemical reactions, such as ozone, ozone is not only have an effect on silica gel aging phenomenon, and the air to the human body various aspects have influence, for the silicone products, the ozone in the humid climate and the environment, more influence of silica gel products, in that environment will lead to a long period. this silicone material directly cracking, aging and oxygen for silicone rubber associated reaction occurs, will also be changes to various properties of silicone rubber, the use of performance degradation and so on, also is the main reason that influence on the aging of silicone rubber, for silicone products manufacturer, there are many chemical reactions and other aspects of the reason to affect the performance of silicone products, have a little experience to find the cause of the aging.

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