Introduction to grinding process for silicon rubber products to what benefit brought

by:Cupidove     2020-08-30

the silicone material is now widely known, no matter in life, work and all walks of life by using the above take into certain effect, but don't forget to make it besides its own and other technology to help to get consumers love, now many silicone rubber products production and processing way, silica gel products common extrusion molding processing way is already mature, for strict cosmetic requirements of products, you need to look processing methods!

early silicone articles for daily use is not mature, the appearance of the product is handled mostly manual processing, the early ninety s silicone products and silicone products surrounding accessories and so on all need to get good material performance and feel performance, such as manual spraying, the appearance of grinding and manual printing, etc. , and in the end milling and injection has become one of the variety of silica gel products will choose process, such as articles for daily use, women silicone products and so on!

many saw the agitation and decline of the silicone buttons, gift items, also witnessed the life at the beginning of zero a few food-grade silicone supplies a large number of hits, silica gel daily products category, from the European and American countries volume soil downstream many silicone products manufacturer in China from the transformation to the silicone buttons supplies category, so life silicone products with practical, high quality is given priority to, grinding process is one of them!

grinding processing so far mainly on silica gel supplies category, such as the current popular silicone cleansing instrument, silica gel for women and the adornment silica gel, zero wallet, and so on, we all know that led by silicone rubber products is always have environmental security, so in terms of exterior nature cannot be lax, the size of the product moulding line use the experience of the effect about the consumer, and grinding main is to make the product look more smooth and comfortable, so it is natural for massage can't missing!

with silicone rubber products grinding processing in recent years our country exports into growing, mechanization of grinding equipment is becoming more and more, from small to large, different shapes can be carried out and institutions the grinding abrasive materials are all ready, standing on the market prospects, many consumers friend most will choose after grinding process of silica gel products, the reason is that the absence of any defect, appearance wireless don't see a flaw, so it can obtain the market recognition.

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