Introduction to article silicone extrusion characteristics and technological process

by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

seal protection technology has inheritance for hundreds of years, as early as in ancient times we commonly used seal protection for tung oil, mudding, wax and wax oil and so on ways to seal fixed, come in the excavation of organic silicon to seal protection technology is a better improvement, and with the processing technology of organic silicone products, is currently used as solid, liquid, fast drying, slow dry, and so on different analysing, one of the main process and extrusion as seal dustproof, its use area and processing method is one of the most suitable for use process, do you know about it?

article about the silicone, we will think of sealing strip in car doors, Windows, gate valve, electric appliance and so on many fields, and silica gel seal products has already come into common use in the field of this category, so it is the most suitable sealing industry products are not exaggerated, the global many famous enterprises adopt silicon rubber materials as sealing products, not only does it play a key role in sealing effect and can see the process from raw material features above and use the advantage of the products.

article sealing silicone processing features:

1, extrusion molding products speed, high production efficiency, is advantageous to the automated production

2, extrusion molding without being limited by the length, the machine can produce cannot adopt mold manufacturing of products

3, rubber is obtained by the rotation of the extruder screw mixing and plasticizing and further ensure the quality of extrusion of semi-finished rubber is more dense, uniform

4, wide application, by varying the mouth mould, can squeeze out a variety of cross-section shape of silicone profiles and for the use of pressing mould preforming semi-finished products

the silicone sealing strip extrusion die structure

at present, silicone extrusion die can be divided into two kinds, namely monomer silicon composite extrusion mould and silicone extrusion die, these two kinds of extrusion die has both commonness and personality. Sheet extrusion die generally consists of a panel, simple structure; Composite extrusion die generally by the panel, runner plate, split plate, fiber guide, is more complicated.

the silicone sealing strip extrusion die design considerations for

mould design of commonly used design software AutoCAD, Pro/E, UG, CATIASolidWorks, etc. , due to the sealing strip extrusion products without being limited by the length; And sealing strip type not only monomer containing silica gel sealing strip ( Pure rubber sealing strip) Sealing strip, also contains complex silicon Metal support frame composite sealing strip) ; In addition, the sealing strip in the process of installation and use, will show a very complex mechanical properties, such as material properties, geometrical nonlinearity and boundary conditions are nonlinear, so the sealing strip molding process is very sophisticated and complex, so at the time of mold design must pay attention to the different material of silicone shrinkage rate, and product layout and internal structure.

1, monomer, silicone extrusion die design considerations for

for any injection mould, the design is to ensure that the product section size and shape of composite design requirements. So single silicone extrusion die needs to be considered in the design of the influence factors of the following six aspects:

( 1) Any rubber from the expansion of the different extrusion mould will happen when it is squeezed, when the hardness of the rubber from small to large, its expansion rate of the extrusion section from big to small.

( 2) When the temperature of the extruder is from low to high, the section of the extrusion expansion rate changes from small to big;

( 3) When the extrusion speed from low to high, its extrusion products section only changes from small to big;

( 4) Different kinds silicone or rubber content of mixing rubber, its extrusion products section in different expansion rate;

( 5) Any extrusion products section of each part of the expansion ratio is don't want to by, especially for straight section;

( 6) The design of the extrusion mould will form different section of extrusion silicone products and the influence of different size.

2, complex silicone extrusion die design considerations for

complex silicone extrusion die design in addition to have single silicone extrusion die design in common, and the following special requirements

( 1) Must ensure that different analysing ( And skeleton) The extrusion speed consistent with each other, to ensure that different analysing ( And skeleton) A good composite as a whole;

( 2) For the skeleton ( Metal or metal wire woven class) Composite extrusion mould, need to make sure the skeleton imported mould and extrusion shape mould compound position locking, and adjust the composite gap between lock design is reasonable;

( 3) Composite extrusion die in the skeleton import die and compound extrusion die cavity with dip Angle should be appropriate.

the silicone seal design of extrusion die design is a system, every new product need to start from the mold design, mold quality will test the precision of the products, so the design of every detail, careless.

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