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by:Cupidove     2020-04-23
Along with the progress of The Times, more and more kinds of adult products, enriching the market competition is becoming more and more big, has the size of the common market of adult shop can reach hundreds of varieties, but as an adult toys supplies manufacturers to reach this level, the average adult toys supplies manufacturers are not many styles, or to focus on species, generally only one or two, so adult supplies how many kinds? Today small make up after finishing can be roughly classified into the following categories: 1, the local anesthetic in various & other; Oils & throughout; As a representative, such as: & other; Throughout India oils &; Xx oil & other god; ” “ Xx oil & throughout; And so on, its action principle is applied to the glans penis upstart local mucosal anesthesia effect to reduce the sensitivity of the external genital organs, so as to improve the stimulation intensity of excitation ejaculation ( Threshold) And prolonged intercourse. Was too sensitive for the skin, the glans penis mucosa caused by premature ejaculation patients, this is a very good treatment. But if the premature ejaculation is due to the central nervous system disorders, sexual excitement of the resistance of brain stimulation threshold is too low, the drug and has no effect. 2, strengthen the sexual stimulation like the glans penis coronary sulcus ring ( With protuberant irritants elastic ring, fixed under the glans penis coronary ditch) , the penis coat ( Can use silica gel for material, & lsquo; Increase, extended & rsquo; The penis, take protuberant irritants) Condoms, with protrusions irritant, and so on. Their role is to increase and strengthen the stimulation of the vagina, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm. 3, lubricant such products suitable for the lack of sexual excitement, or women after menopause. It can vaginal lubrication, reduce the discomfort or even pain sexual intercourse. On sexual inexperience, spirit is too nervous to sufficiency excitement of women is very appropriate also, can let a female easy to get used to it, to adapt to the penis insertion. 4, masturbation products have male and female, for some of the boys and girls they lack of a partner is a good substitute ( Prick silk male code & other; The plane cup & throughout; , women & other; Love is not the little valentine & other; ) , at present this kind of masturbation class adult supplies, the main material used for the silica gel, because environmental protection, health, non-toxic, is widely used in adult toys things, this kind of manufacturers, the current generation are mainly concentrated in shenzhen. 5, auxiliary, treatment equipment such as negative pressure or vacuum therapy apparatus. It USES the principle of negative pressure or vacuum, making passive congestion, erect penis to treat impotence. Personally, I think it's a big disadvantage is the penis hyperemia, increase at the same time cause the penis blood is blocked, causing the penis blood clot. In the blood, the blood capillary will expand from lack of oxygen, seepage, a nonspecific inflammation, go down for a long time is easy to cause the penis sponge fibrosis, irreversible pathological impotence. Please think twice before using. 6 &ldquo仍然; Aphrodisiacs & throughout; Class only considered by the medical profession in the world have real & other; Aphrodisiac & throughout; Effect of drug extracted from one species of insect body, the people of Hong Kong called & other; Spanish fly & throughout; 。 Its action principle is rapidly after taking after urethral discharge, and stimulate urethral mucosa, stimulation signal to the organ at the same time, cause sexual desire. And I found some continental sex shops sell & other; Aphrodisiacs & throughout; Is hormonal or nerve stimulant! The misuse of these drugs is will harm health, you be careful. I personally do not support using drugs for & other; Aphrodisiac & throughout; Pure natural instinct, sex is originally, if want to rely on drugs to maintain & other; Sex & throughout; Has been the worst chose, no meaning. 7, other such as increasing interest supplies some special sex good, supplies and so on.
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