Insight into the silica gel products customized processing standard process homework book

by:Cupidove     2020-08-31

nowadays silicone products custom processing has become the mainstream, more and more project choose silicone accessories as auxiliary materials, etc. , and a lot of miscellaneous pieces of single dosage is not big but it is hard to find the same products in the market, this situation can only be customized production and processing, so many consumers do not know the silicone products of formal process commonly used exactly is what, today we have to understand understand!

as sketches design

according to the expected results and the actual function of products design product 3 d drawing and graphic rendering, generally in the design process should consider product hard softness, thickness, appearance, functionality, as well as the material performance and service life, etc. , generally when the design about the silicone products manufacturer to solve these technical problems.

mould development

open mold is a mold master draft according to the design of a layout diagram and how the parting line and the mold, then use the template for the coarse leave allowance in milling, a special product will choose to discharge, texture and other process, after the mold plate vulcanizing agent on test

rubber mixing color

according to customer demand for the choice of materials generally choose ordinary gas phase silicone rubber and medical silica gel and so on several kinds of materials, different materials have different mixing time in the adjustment of the rubber color color choice, to achieve the minimum off color, in mixing vulcanizing agent to semi-finished raw materials!

upper die production

the mould be good is to use the computer. Installed after mold, need to heat up, the machine in several sets of parameters for adjusting the proofing stage remark condition, and put the specifications of raw materials materials how much

product maintenance side

solid silica gel products produced for parting line have burrs, so naturally produce product maintenance quality and process control, basically see whether accord with product specifications, if there is any discrepancy, burrs can be adjust, and achieved the phenomenon of serious adverse products will be treated as invalid.

QC packaging

product repair edge on IQC sampling process is complete, generally reach more than % 5 as rework processing, qualified after the delivery of packaging or conventional packaging requirements of the customer!

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