If the silicone products, you may save your life!

by:Cupidove     2020-09-12

silica gel for many friends should have not been very strange, and silicone accessories can also in use of people's life, we may feel very surprised, how can save silicone, but as the dongguan silicone manufacturer of small make up want to say is, still have a lot of silicone save case, let us two.

1。 Silicone prosthesis can also save

recently, reported a news online, in an Indian one because accident lost a leg, but below the doctor's advice, let him with silicone prosthesis can continue to walk, and tragedy happen to him, because with the prosthetic walking slowly, at the time of a railway, by a weighing hundreds of pounds of railway signal lamp wind down his limbs, and it is on the railway, at this time due to short of coma, let his memory is not clear, also is a pass by passerby found his feet is a prosthetic that he escaped death, although with a prosthesis in walking, but at a critical moment, can save a life, is also very lucky.

2。 A silicone case back his customers

a struggle of young people in the city, all his data on phones, record this his work, and some customer's information, after one day in the rush of work, his girlfriend and he go shopping when he saw a buy cases of the shop, then took a look inside, his girlfriend to bring him a silica gel sets, so he reluctantly agreed, after the above his cell phone is a silicone case, reinstall the day the company computer system, must take an examination of the data, and he was not with U disk, then pass on the phone, and then forget, and met see customer found only when the customer information of mobile phone, so he took the phone to see customers, on the way mobile phone fell down the stairs, but also good have a silicone mobile phone sets of protect his cell phone, or you will make all his data and client lost.

3。 Breast silicone saved her life

there was a woman in the United States, by the robber robbed on my way home in the evening but she didn't flinch, fierce fighting against the criminals, to later after the gangster showing sharp knife, stabbed her, but she's in her strong, seize the criminals don't let go, finally the police rushed to the successful capture of the criminals, and this woman because cut close to the heart, to undergo surgery, but silver is not life threatening, the doctor said that his chest silicone saved her life, if there is no silica gel blocking to her, have pierced to the heart.

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