I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn festival silica gel products factory

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

time passed quickly, blink of an eye to the annual Mid-Autumn festival, after 12 o 'clock tonight, is the Mid-Autumn festival in 2015, when he came down also to the moon of the year is the most round, silica gel products factory friends also busy nearly two months, this period of time, everyone is very hard, very tired, therefore, in this special holiday. Will sweet moon cakes, spent a sweet night with his family. In the hearts of Chinese people, Mid-Autumn festival this day is made up of month, night, home.

the Mid-Autumn festival is a circle, the circle of the moon, the moon cake circle, and each person's pursuit of happy reunion in my heart. Reunion is the theme of the Mid-Autumn festival, also is the final home to return to the Chinese cultural psychology. Both to the desire of the full moon, and all kinds of interesting customs in the autumn leaves, eventually condensed eternal happiness in the family's smiling face.


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festival happiness, happy every day!

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