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How To Use Sex Products Correctly

How To Use Sex Products Correctly


First, the correct use of electric vibrators

It is undeniable that sexual products can bring different pleasures and orgasm, and indeed solve some people's sexual problems, sexual annoyance and sexual anxiety. But after all, it is only an tool, it can't completely replace a sexual partner, and it can't replace the caress and warmth between partners. Excessive reliance on appliances can lead to aversion to normal sexual life. If you use sex products frequently, or if you use sex products too much, it is easy to cause vaginal genital damage, bleeding and infection. If young people are prematurely using sex products, they are prone to a series of sequelae such as prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, and decreased sexual desire.


Second, Do not use sex products too often

Don't use sex products too often, so as not to cause the body's 'sexual excitement' sensitivity to decrease, sexual arousal will become more and more difficult. Long-term, regular use of sex products, and some excessive pursuit of excitement, pleasure and picking those strange sex products, And long-term excessive excitement and strong stimulation, the body has become accustomed to strong stimulation, but it is difficult to respond to the general normal sexual life stimulation, it must be more exaggerated and violent than one stimulation to make people excited. Therefore, can not be addicted For the strong stimulation of sex products, it is necessary to stop, try to restrain yourself, and distract attention in work or other life hobbies. Although the use of sex products to increase the fun of sexual life, but experts believe that sexual function is normal, sexual life is harmonious People do not need to use sex products to obtain sexual satisfaction.

Third , the correct choice of adult products

Choose qualified, quality sex products and pay attention to hygiene. In the face of grotesque sex products on the market, we must choose those qualified and high-quality products. If there is a certificate, the texture is soft, the surface is smooth, cleaned afterwards, and disinfected regularly to ensure hygiene.Start with simple wand,then try vibrating toys ,then more functional toys like thrusting vibrators or wave vibrators. Sex products are for personal and partner use only and may not be borrowed or transferred; they should not be placed in a dark, damp place where child can not  see and get.

Last, Good Communication with partner before use adult toys

It is best to communicate with each other to form a consensus and get support from each other to use sex products together. Sex products can bring people a climax, but can not bring caress, so it can not replace a partner, if you decide to use, it will cause psychological stress to the partner, and some will be disgusted, but will affect the relationship. Therefore, mutual communication, mutual understanding, mutual support, it is best to use together by consensus.

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