How to solve the problem of mold silicone take oil

by:Cupidove     2020-05-10

mold silicone itself is not taking oil, appeared to take oil is because of the complex silicone oil is added in the operating process, oil and white mineral oil complex ligand) , because the white mineral oil is oil chemical products, not silicone products oil.

condensation type mold silicone products composition with silicone oil, more or less will appear the phenomenon of oil, but different manufacturer production of silica gel at the oil level is different, because of different raw materials, the performance of the silicone oil quality is different also, so famous manufacturer, price is on the high side of the basic can guarantee the performance of the silica gel, there would be no significant risk of oil, how to solve the silica gel to take oil, first of all, don't want to add silica gel, silica gel inside the ratio of the silicone material is fixed, only can be adjusted by the manufacturer, has been delivery, don't change, again is to reduce the ratio of curing agent and curing agent content is exorbitant, silica gel curing more quickly, late can also cause the phenomenon of oil, after the recommended to choose a stable supplier, worry, rest assured.

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