How to put silica gel products - wet weather Silicone rubber articles for daily use

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

see immediately in April in the summer, but for this year's south, let me very perplexed, touch not clear. Are good weather yesterday, today is up a storm wave, this year the weather is really different, in the past we every one is beautiful in guangdong now and good every day is a day the feeling of a season, we also appeared the phenomenon of ground moisture in south China, every day, the ground is wet, even the ceiling above the water.

but this kind of weather let us silicone products of the company's employees frequently appears the phenomenon of cold, bacterial growth season, this kind of weather is now placed our clothes and food are likely to appear moldy phenomenon, so spare a little more prevention disinfection items, even now we are in many places the puppy appear the phenomenon of the plague, but still have to remind the broad masses of friends, go out to bring more clothes, the changeable weather, prevent illness.

these days for many products goods are placed is a headache thing, especially for us some heavy goods in cartons, basic goods are drink, this back to the south of the weather for our dongguan silicone cases manufacturer's warehouse is fuck broken heart, every day have to move the goods on the ground, and this wet weather how to protect our goods?

let's simple to understand a few, first of all have the wet extractor is needless to say, if the floor is dirty and wet, can use hot water, salt to mop the floor, so that we can remove bacteria and prevent the moist ground, in a warehouse or a damp phenomenon in the family can use the lime with a thin cloth wrapped in the room, lime can be effective absorption of moisture, if rather slippery places can use wood chips and chaff can prevent slippery and suction, if there is no shelf in the warehouse or wooden pad can also use newspaper to rush toward the ground, it also absorbs the humidity of the ground.

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