How to prolong the service life of mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-22

how to extend the service life of mold silicone

mold silicone products is A two-component condensed type organic silicon rubber, A component are mobile liquid, team B is curing agent ( Curing agent or hardener) , the two mixed in proportion to rapid prototyping, room temperature curing.

mold silicone product features

1, a two-component silicone: liquid silicone and curing agent

2, low shrinkage, high temperature resistant to acid and alkali resistance;

3, high tensile strength, tear strength, rolling over more;

4, good liquidity, easy perfusion; Can also can brush perfusion, mold, suitable for a variety of mold production.

the purpose of the mold silicone

it is widely used in PU resin, unsaturated resin, polyurethane resin, plaster, cement products, arts and crafts lamp decoration, construction decoration, furniture, gifts, stationery, anaglyph large sculpture, european-style components, culture stone, simulation landscape rockery design of mold production.

how to extend the service life of mold silicone

1) When, in the production of silicone products mold, silicone mold vulcanization completely before use. At room temperature can make the silicone mold vulcanization 12 hours, or in heating 60 degrees or so, to make silicone mold vulcanization about four hours.

2) , mould frequent use, want right amount increase mold break.

3) , using high quality resin, choice less calorific value of resin.

4) , mold the silicone rolling over to choose suitable hardness, hardness too high or hard through low will affect the die service life of the silica gel,

5) Don't pile pressure on each other and placed the mold together, heap pressure can cause bending and buckling silicone products mold.

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