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by:Cupidove     2020-09-27

organic silica gel in civil industry for many years for the development of technology gradually improved, from the mold to the liquid until the compare of calender companies over the years, demand of consumers now slowly get bigger, more and more downstream silicone basic finish silicone products manufacturer, according to different requirements and choose different silica gel products processing factory, but in view of the rolling processing at present there are still a lot of people first in an unknown state of the field, then its operation process and operation method in detail exactly what?

rolling processing for the last boom of silicone industry, mold and injection molding process is developed for many years, and rolling mainly for moulding and injection of different large sheet and coil, it can be for sheet and coil material silicon thin film and the cloth sticky advantage, the length can be unlimited extension, restrictions on the size of width and thickness of device, the size of the products by cutting die cutting into any shape, perfect for this category for large products.

1, from the aspects of process understanding

rolling forming process is mainly the rubber silicone products through several relative rotation roller mechanical extrusion extend the space become a certain thickness uniformity of film, it can also be on the fabric coated with rubber molding, such as cloth, textile materials such as horse through the rollers and rubber mechanical extrusion molding, at the same time this kind of process is a lot of silicone and rubber sheet is commonly used one kind of process.

silicone rubber calender in addition can be used for tablet, pressed, laminating, fabric or steel wire cord rubberizing, brush glue and other assignments, and can complete plastication of silicone rubber mixing process, rubber mixing to the molding line indispensable step of realizing the linkage.

2, silicone rolling forming process

the original aggregate mixing material - - Extruder ( Plasticizing extruder) - - - Tractor molding ( Molding) - - - Water cooling - - - Traction roll ( Traction) - - The bottom of the grinding machine ( At the bottom of the grinding) - - - Tooth shears, Article points the molding) - - - Winding machine ( Strapping products)

3, silicone calendering process detail problem:

1: rubber thermal refining: in order to ensure the normal rolling operation and the quality of semi-finished product requirements before entering the calender, rubber after preheating, in order to achieve some level of gel temperature and plasticity, and complement of uniform mixing and sizing quality.

thermal refining, generally in the mixing machine, thermal refining in two steps: the first step is a coarse, low-temperature BoTong method commonly, cut from the use of materials is large, the appropriate improve plasticity and uniformity of rubber; The second step is fine, USES the high temperature thermal refining method, make plastic high softening temperature, easy rolling operation. Thermal refining machine specification and quantity, according to the size of the calender and rolling with glue amount is determined. Rubber on the thermal refining the machine time is not appropriate is too long, often should stir cutting force.

2: for the glue: there are two kinds of calender for glue. Is a continuous supply, that is, according to the size of the calender and operation method, the thermal mixing cut into a certain size of strip, rolling machine for material. Strip storage time not too long, to prevent coke burning rubber. Don't is a continuous glue; Is a mixing mill for rubber used as machine, equipped with disc, certain specifications from the roller and strip, the leather belt conveyor to calender feed. Conveyor line road shoulds not be too long, to prevent the strip temperature drop, impact rolling quality of semi-finished products. Some strip swing devices are installed in conveyor belt end, making the strip evenly to the rolling machine.

4, rolling silicone products can be divided into the following three processing methods:

1, the pure silica gel film pressure, molding production of silica gel plate ( The silicone skin, silica gel) And so on. Includes rolling, hot vulcanizing, winding, cutting process;

2, can also be under the effect of the silicone glue joint soft fabric or steel wire cord fabric, PET plastic rolling piece; Conley of CL - bond 26 ab silicone glue, in PET rolling piece, insulation cloth is widely used in the production of silica gel.

3, solid silicone rubber in the mixing a process with the machining process of the molding, rubber mixing in the calender is the raw rubber ( Solid silica gel mixing glue), , silicone vulcanizing agent ( Double minimum) And mother color mixing. Is the silicone heat vulcanization molding process line an important working procedure.

but to be honest, when many friends also worry for processing a small silica gel products, technology has you think not, just you never know, now in the organic silicon industry, upstream from the material to the device and the deployment of technology and production technology are changed with The Times, and when you think the old method is more feasible and others estimate has overtaken you a lot of, so the total knot, when your silicone products production problem more looking for other ways, maybe for you to solve!

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