How to make artificial culture stone cement products

by:Cupidove     2020-05-15

how artificial culture stone cement products manufacturing

in recent years, has been in the application of the artificial culture stone is widely, multi-purpose in its building. Can do floor, wall, wall, etc. , as well as some special patterns can have artificial culture stone, the production of artificial culture stone is also very simple, mix well cement can be poured into the silicone products mold, mold the silicone products should have a certain requirements, such as culture stone cement components are relatively rough, so require silica gel to have certain wear-resisting performance, corrosion resistance to aging performance, more want to have tear tensile resistance, strong toughness is easy mold release, Cupidove silicone the mold rubber production history of 20 years, mature technology, has always put quality as the position, so the elected Cupidove silicone products mold is the right choice.

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