How to make a stone realistic culture

by:Cupidove     2020-04-25

how realistic culture stone production

artificial culture stone batch production, are implemented through die rolling over, to make culture stone moulds, the first thing to choose the right mold material, culture stone is not realistic, largely didn't choose the right mold. Suitable die is not cast, not glass fiber reinforced plastic, nor aluminium film, but the silicone products mold, because these molds are die hard, although not easy deformation, but not enough fine grain, and difficult to mold release, therefore, is suitable for the material is silicone products mold, elastic, easy mold release, copy the grain fine, adopt the way of filling mold do mould generally does not need external mold, silicone products brush die way do can do outside a gypsum mould, have the effect of fixed, how to select good silicone material? First well-known manufacturers of silica gel brand, quality guaranteed, no oil goods very little oil, then there is tear tensile resistance, wear resistance, anti-aging, rolling over more, low shrinkage rate, generally less than three over one thousand,

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