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by:Cupidove     2020-05-17
In recent years, domestic mold industry has maintained a good momentum of development, in the context of global economic instability can have this momentum is very good, but at the same time, many in the industry will also worry that the perseverance can continue, mould industry in our country while facing the increasingly intense competition in the domestic enterprises in the field of low-end products, as well as in the field of high-end products in the foreign enterprises or foreign pressure growing situation, but after recent years of sustained development, strength has been greatly enhanced, and fully capable of variable pressure, maintain a steady development. Preferential policies favorable factors for the development of mold industry provides a good environment. Under the national industrial policy and the relevant supporting policy guidance, in recent years has quite a few places have issued some support local preferential policies for the development of mold industry, some found in the file, some observed in action, has received good results. At the same time, the rapid development of die and mould industry to promote the prosperity of the local economy. With frequent exchanges between around, believe that good for mold industrial development policy, and thus brings a good development environment will be further developed. In recent years, mould industry has developed rapidly in our country, but is far can not adapt to the needs of the development of national economy. Network CEO, the international mold and plastic mold suppliers association, director of the fai analysis thinks China mold enterprises must find out their weaknesses, in order to enhance our country mold in the international market competitiveness. China mold and die industry and foreign counterparts, in general, there are five major differences: 1, the raw material problem. Restricted by cost, domestic mold with 2 cr13 and 3 cr13 precision heat treatment, while foreign using special mold material DINI, 2316, the comprehensive mechanical properties, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and polishing brightness is better than that of domestic materials. This fundamentally affect the appearance of homebred mould quality and service life. 2, manufacturing technology level. Domestic mould manufacturer, different process conditions, gap is very large. Many manufacturers due to form a complete set of equipment is not a lot of work rely on done by hand, the serious influence the precision and quality. 3, mold design system. Some domestic manufacturers are using the computer aided design ( CAD) And computer aided manufacturing technology ( CAM) , but still stay in the stage of introduction, digestion and absorption, it is difficult to form a mature theoretical guidance and design system. Therefore, the standard mold design system development is the top priority. 4, debug level. Mold in terms of its nature belong to tooling, production of qualified products is the ultimate goal. Therefore, the quality of the mould, the performance inspection on test results. The domestic mold factory for the delivery date is short, try mold equipment limited, often put quality inspection work on the user test, easy to cause the user a lot of loss and waste. And because the die by time, space limitation, is often difficult to debug the best. And some foreign good companies have their own test venues and equipment, can be used to simulate the working conditions of the user test, so can in the shortest possible time to achieve very good effect. 5, supporting system. Mold manufacturing enterprises used to flush to produce scientific research in our country, and neglect with other equipment suppliers and raw materials suppliers. Virtually users go many detours. We must for network China mold and die mold factory and other manufacturers and major research institutes work together, to create the best products for users to create greater profits, there is hope to create a broad space for development.
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