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by:Cupidove     2020-05-10
Improve the use of silicone mobile phone sets has been entangled with a big problem in the consumers' mind. Because a cell phone sets, although only a few tens of dollars, but his heart let him use longer, at least in terms of quality. Here there are two main tell you about how to improve the service life of the silicone products mobile phone sets: when doing the mould first, we must according to the size of the product to choose suitable hardness of silica gel, the second can not add silicone oil, silicone, because add silicone oil amount, the greater the make mould will become soft, tensile and tear strength will reduce. natural also will not durable, service life will reduce. Suggest customers don't add silicone oil. The company has advanced production equipment, 15 production lines, daily output of up to 3 w number of bracelet. Different tonnage of vulcanizing machine, can satisfy each customer's production orders, especially because of different tonnage vulcanizing machine, can produce different silica gel products. Advantage, has the advanced technology of silicone products glue, especially for complex glue products, is currently in shenzhen, can sit in the first light the location of the chair.
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