How to identify the silicone is green environmental protection silicone manufacturer

by:Cupidove     2020-05-10

how to identify whether silica gel is the green environmental protection silicone factory

first of all, from feel respect, environmental protection silicone production of silicone products are good elasticity and tenacity, it is not easy to deformation due to external force, and touch feel is smooth, and industrial-grade or fake of silica gel products easy to deformation, and the touch is rough, because there is no a counterfeit of the surface of the silica gel layer of grease.

second, from the aspects of characteristics, environmental protection silicone products are non-toxic tasteless product, good quality of a material, no harm to human body, and general industrial use of silica gel and fake products it is difficult to achieve the effect of silicon, fake and inferior products of silicon have pungent odor are generally toxic, but also more rough!

again, industrial-grade silicone are generally with curing agent, the proportion is probably in 100:3 or so, and environmental protection silicone is a two-component commonly. According to certain proportion of mixed use, environmental protection silicone reuse is temperamental, can also contact with heavy metal ions, and can not be used with industrial-grade silicone, otherwise it will produce toxic not curing phenomenon.

at the same time, we can also keep the true and false silica gel by flame is also very useful, fake silicone products products in combustion residues out of the black smoke, as black powder, silica gel products really no matter what color is the white smoke during burning, burning residue is the white powder.

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