How to find safe silicone kitchen utensils factory

by:Cupidove     2020-09-20
Now life now after zero zero and one zero after the kids are estimated is wrapped and environmental health, for the silicone kitchen supplies and to meet the requirements of healthy environmental protection supplies around also has certain selection, and born of the nineties, estimation is very few personally experienced the advantages of silicone kitchen utensils and specially, as the older generation of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances you have learned about security?

now silicone kitchen part has gradually replaced the traditional kitchen utensils and appliances, especially for marketed for silicone products, in our daily life it has been closely connected with us, whether the temperature of the food protection, kitchen utensils and appliances of drop sexual function, and can let the consumer service life and safety characteristics of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances are interested in!

for the most basic request of silicone kitchen utensils factory from raw materials on hand, just looking for a qualified, safe, environmental protection, healthy silicone kitchenware products is said each consumer's pursuit of high quality raw, so on the material silicone products factory usually need to use food grade high transparent silicone rubber raw materials by gas phase technique in customized production, the product can reach contact with human skin and no harm!

on the other hand, the nature of the silica gel products performance is outstanding, material can achieve heat resistance - 40 to 230 degrees, the clean is convenient, the product has a certain resilience and toughness strength, so don't worry about it, the deformation of the aging and damage phenomenon, and it has good adaptability, both the oil and the effect of cold or hot environment it as good as other materials.

it's production process is mainly: solid collagen material after mixing machine mixing ( Adding color rubber mixing process and curing agent) , raw material section ( To think good size to put into the mould) , molding process, production and processing, Raw material into the mold of hot pressing vulcanization molding) , appearance, sealing side, QC, packing shipments, the normal production process is so!

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