How to find a silicone rubber products wholesale manufacturers cooperation _ suggest factory visits this time

by:Cupidove     2020-08-21

? The rapid development of silicone rubber products industry, the manufacturer of the upgrade, let many buyers don't know how to find wholesale silicone rubber products factory, want to customize the high quality silicone rubber products, and want to appropriate and reasonable price, so how to find?

the following these aspects are only choose on the basis of silicone rubber products customized manufacturer:

1, the factory size: this is the embodiment of the company to guarantee the most basic productivity, no size, no production.

2, see the product processing equipment: normal processing plant has a more professional, more sophisticated equipment.

3, see quotation: quotation is not final, are the result of mutual consultation.

4, watch manufacturer quality: any one enterprise only by simple understanding is impossible to fully see the quality.

the following detailed silicone rubber products buyers how to choose a good long-term cooperation manufacturers:

1, with the professional degree of

the silicone products application areas have been expanding to: building, electrical and electronic, textile, automobile, machinery, paper and leather, chemical light industry, metal and paint, medicine, health care and other important industries, so this would require the factory to have certain professional cooperation degree. Starting from the people. By talking with factory management and factory workers, observe its professional cooperation degree from management to employees. In addition, you can through a third party processing factory of word of mouth and service the customer case and so on.

2, quality management process

many silicone products processing plants in order to reduce the unit price in the market, do not hesitate to sacrifice quality risks, reduce the QC personnel or not equipped with quality inspection system. In the process of evaluation of silicone rubber processing plant, need detailed observations and understand its quality management system, and engineering personnel with the introduction of the quality management methods and documentation, and so on, only a comprehensive understanding, can ensure that your product can get perfect processing.

3, management and employee's mental outlook

a line employees and managers of spirit determines your products can keep high yield, consistency, and so on, because the product is or operating equipment. Whether communication with managers is carefree, have passion, whether employees work meticulously, do their job. These are important reasons.

by visible on, to choose a high quality silicone rubber products factory is to investigate whether their production capacity, quality inspection strict, management experience. Best of all, can go directly to the factory visit, so you can judge the strength of the manufacturers.

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