How to distinguish between your silicone following belongs to the high quality product

by:Cupidove     2020-08-18

with the development of smart and intelligent industrial upgrading, make protection set has become the mainstream of electronic products, and silicone material but became tall, it is a kind of electronic products, accessories, more and more cases of silicon into the market, have to let the consumer to produce the quality of the silicone sheath speculation suspicious, and was feeling a little attention, when buying for silica gel the quality of the following is not approved, uncertainty of silica gel products purchase, so for the silicone following how should we choose?

a lot of the time we buy anything just see the first feeling, is like buying a car, buy home appliance and even fruit such as food, and to find and pricing is not a good thing, like the silicone products many consumers may be because of wrong first impression of a product quality problem, so the silicone case is the same reason, if only good-looking appearance, not the actual function and quality of the products, the same is not people's heart.

for silica gel following, the appearance is more important, but more important is its material can reach the use requirement of you, usually above the market price disparity compared with mobile phone sets, only a few difference between friend hope consumer can realize this a few questions.

1, the material is more important, if a silicone case manufacturer on the material not to buy, then produce the silicone products is likely to lead to some problem, the product didn't stretch back, there are creases and long-term twists and turns, use for a long time there will be a slight deformation phenomenon, produced after the glue smell untreated, if choose ordinary industrial silica gel will produce these situation, be transparent or translucent yellow phenomenon will be shown after the long-term exposure.

2, craft work, affect the silicone products, the main reasons for the appearance quality and feel for the silicone mobile phone sets, the appearance of the parting line is more important, so the high quality silica gel following, such as apples, the official price is high, such as huawei they regardless of appearance or material quality requirements are specified materials, to the work requirement of the mould is also very meticulous, so a high quality product in the process is to reduce the above.

3, from the source to the offline sales channels, silica gel protective sleeve manufacturer basic won't do the retail price, so there is a middle or intermediate trade a few times to wholesalers price is too high, and from the source of silica gel products factory factory price on the minimum quantity of an order for a certain foundation usually lower than the market price for several times, the cost is very low, so for the pure silica gel products, product grades and stick a card regardless of the brand, the same silicone products manufacturer if perfectly on technology and material, it can become a famous brand suppliers. And you need to identify the quality of the product when buying silica gel following issues and work problems

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