How to determine whether it is worth a silicone kitchen utensils factory cooperation?

by:Cupidove     2020-08-22

as the new crown pneumonia in recent months, online shopping has become the domestic need, for articles for daily use convenient kitchen utensils for many families don't leave home, on the Internet looking for related products proportion than offline purchase demand, become one of the demand for products and silicone meal kitchen utensils and appliances, understands from the current situation, silicone products and become one of the indispensable product family, and looking for a high quality silica gel products has become a difficult problem, consumer is difficult to distinguish the merits of the quality, so the choose and buy it if there are some trick?

from the aspects of area for the guangdong area for organic silicon downstream products occupy the majority, and dongguan and shenzhen silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturers occupy the main industrial chain, the quality and production efficiency of kitchenware has certain advantages, from raw material processing and manufacturing to product the production process and quality control of also have the upper hand, outside peripheral processing production auxiliary materials and process after processing does not lag behind, in addition to distribution channel close, can be directly export customs and direct factory to pick up or delivery, to ensure the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances of zero distance communication confirmation.

in terms of quality, because the processing technology of silicone kitchen utensils and other products, making it the basic is moulded by high temperature processing technology, and the choose and buy a high quality silica gel tableware or need a decision from the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturer.

is the core of the product of raw materials, the use of high quality silica gel raw materials can be good circulation rate and word of mouth, and in many other aspects of the performance of the product can get a good user experience, such as the extension of product and material feel resilient rate ratio.

in addition to the raw material, the silicone mold production, nature is little not the role of the any need in the mold of molding the silicone products, so will the mould parting line and up and down the template with good surface treatment and plaster do best, output to the appearance of products to achieve a good shape.

production is an important link, the silicone kitchen utensils and appliances manufacturers in the production process of comparison pay attention to the processing of roa, and the yield from each employee with a few control devices, such as the staff put several temperature parameters and processing rubber and curing time, etc. , the second is the defective rate control, such as dust control of impurities and the bulge of glue adverse factors.

after the process is aimed at product of the surface of the printing and feel and take out stitches from the building, printing design difference of different structure has different surface feel oil can improve product comfort, since the edge trimming down to achieve a complete and beautiful.

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