How to determine the silicone cake mould quality is good or bad!

by:Cupidove     2020-08-12

now market all kinds of articles for daily use continuous influx of silicon. For dessert, cake lover has the choice of anxiety in the choose and buy cooking tools, don't know what kind of suit, that kind of practical, as the saying goes, good quality is really good, so as the silicone cake mold manufacturers want to say 'silicone mold' quality should be how to choose, how to use the rest assured practical silicone cake mould!

cake is the main food cooking on the silicone mold, so for the safety of the food nature can not be ignored, the second is the product of a structural problem with the product quality problems determines its make cake shape is delicate, the shape is perfect or not. Material is the key of choose and buy, choose the right mold steel and silicone products of raw materials is the key to the silicone cake mould.

, starting from the mold of the silicone cake mold master mold need to choose high quality die steel, the silicone industry of common steel P20, 55 # 718, NK80, S136 and domestic steel, different steel quenching performance is different, so made the cake mold quality and life of die is different also.

mould work determines the quality of the silicone mold, the mold surface, smoothness and parting line, and so on aspects to analyze the degree of precision mould, of course, this depends on the silicone products manufacturer of CNC production techniques and the degree of precision machines.

mould is on the other hand, the silicone raw materials is also on the other hand, a high quality silica gel model without high quality mould and raw materials, so for food grade silicone raw materials into different analysing production, and the quality problem of the judgment, rubber or need from tension, toughness and handle several factors to understand, of course, from inside the silicone factory production to analysis can more accurately determine the stand or fall of material, such as soft, crisp, bad rubber mixing, etc.

in addition to the quality of the cake mould still need from silicone products manufacturer find problems in the production process, such as work, raw materials mixing and subsequent cutting burrs and appearance.

but as a consumer you need to know it from the following aspects of quality:

1, feel is good, soft, comfortable and does not stop, can heat resistance to heat, Can use appropriate high temperature sense whether)

2, high tensile strength, good resilience, forcibly stretching back to automatic springback after recovery, and has a certain degree of resilience

3, surface without any defects, small die line, product surface without glue mark, mark by parting line intermittent

4, no pungent smell, whether the available flame try burning white smoke and dust is the white silica gel material

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