How to determine the dongguan silicone gasket manufacturer quality sex

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

as we all know the silicone gasket is our life and more extensive use of electrical and electronic type of product, it can be applied to life mat, silicone cup mat and eat mat with cushions, and so on not, with the increasing of the market demand, the demand for silicone material in the research and development of new products to increase, more and more consumers are more difficult to choice for product orders, how to choose a good supplier and product becomes a problem, so today to explain how to choose a high quality silica gel sheet manufacturers!

the quality of the product is important, so a manufacturer of high quality silicon sheet nature is little not high quality silica gel sheet. Degree of thickness is the key problem, a lot of silicone sheet will appear this kind of phenomenon, large area of sheet thickness degrees was faulty, on both sides of the middle thick thin thin and unilateral on both sides, and so on, after take out stitches product since the bad side cause subsequent cracking phenomenon, products appear soft deformation phenomenon and poor tensile strength of springback and so on belong to quality problems.

so after first to judge a good production quality in decision problem of manufacturer, the above problems belong to quality problems, normally these problems can be completely controlled, the adjustment of the machine and mold in the manufacturing process of silicon sheet manufacturers do manual work is the control of raw materials and products.

the second is the capacity of silicone rubber sheet manufacturer, equipment production capacity and scale involves products, such as the purchase quantity is larger and the delivery date is tight you will need to find large and experienced manufacturers, many current dongguan first silicone sheet factory specializing in the production of MATS and can directly stick of gum, cutting, patches, from the perspective of professional and technical services or comparative advantage, it is recommended that you find this kind of suppliers.

for silicone sheet main technical level in the mold and cutting knife mould, for mould work mainly lies in the mold cavity surface and the split line thickness, surface need finishing of polishing on mould can achieve precise mould surface effect, and the parting line requires the precision of the machine and cutting tool in the process of CNC machining loss and the knife repairing problem, besides the silicone sheet for the cutting requirement also has a certain degree of precision, so I decided to manufacturer of silica gel sheet product appearance quality still need the aspects from the mold.

in the service of after-sales problems naturally important, every quality suppliers to after-sales service supremely well, so when choosing suppliers should ensure that the quality problem of the goods delivery and subsequent processing and feedback speed, etc.

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