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by:Cupidove     2020-05-10
Although the acceptance of the people for sex products more and more high, but many people perception of sex products and using 1, correct understanding is not correct. People should eliminate the misunderstanding of sex products. Life some mistaken for usability things just to satisfy the masturbation, will hurt your partner's feelings and hurt his own body. In fact, the use of sex products has many benefits. In physiological mature and the absence of sexual partners, or in the case of separated with your partner, usability things are normal, relieve sexual hunger, a way of releasing sexual tension, can provide sexual enjoyment, avoid don't virtuous behavior, reduce sexually transmitted diseases. If husband and wife together to use, can increase sexual interest, improve the quality of sex life of two people. Sexual desire is strong, your partner can't meet, so as to release excess amount of performance and to stable relations between each other. Sexual have poor through sex more intense stimulation, affect sexual threshold, orgasm, for sexual gratification. When failure to enjoy sex life, but with the aid of sexual stimulation, auxiliary, orgasm. In menopausal women can use sex supplies vaginal elasticity. In patients with male impotence, female frigidity, can be induced or treatment use sex toys. 2, correct sexual supplies. There is no denying the fact that sex products can bring different degree of pleasure and orgasm, does solve some sexual repression, worry and anxiety. But, after all, it only auxiliary tool, and can not completely replace sexual partners, the affection between the more can not replace partner and tenderness. Rely too much on equipment, can lead to produce aversion to normal sex life gradually. If frequent sexual supplies, or sexual supplies intensity is too large, easy to cause the vagina and genital damage, bleeding and infection. If the junior youth early sexual supplies, prone to prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido and a series of complications. 3, abstemious sexual supplies. Although sexual supplies can increase the sex life more interesting, but should keep in mind that don't frequent sex products, so as not to cause the body & lsquo; Sexual excitement & throughout; Sensitive, sexual arousal will be more and more difficult. Some excessive excitement, pleasure and select the strange sex products, long-term excessive sexual excitement and intense stimulation, cause the body has been used to the strong stimulation, but difficult to react to the general sex life stimuli must each time to stimulate more exaggerated, violent, can be excited. Therefore, shock can not indulge in sex products, enough is enough. 4, correct selective supplies. Facing the strange sex products on the market, the expert reminds, be sure to select the qualified high visibility and high quality products, if you have any certificate, texture soft, smooth surface, should be cleaned after use, and regular disinfection to ensure hygiene. Store in a dry, clean boxes or containers, may not be in a damp place. 5, negotiate sexual supplies. Best can both sides after communication, consensus, and get a partner to support usability things together. Sex products can bring to people, but it can't bring people touch, so it cannot replace the partner, if you decide to use, will give your partner's psychological pressure, some risk aversion, it will affect the relationship. So communicate with each other, mutual understanding, best can used jointly agree after consultations.
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