How to control the internal control, silicone rubber products factory costs

by:Cupidove     2020-08-25

asked silicone rubber products factory good do? Whether there is the possibility of sustainable development. For this topic is associated with silica gel products industry cannot estimate of costs and loss, cost control is known to all, but the plan is different from the actual, comparable to 2017, the national policy and environmental matters of sudden standing on the edge of the cliff, make a lot of industry of silicone rubber products industry is no exception, of course, the mixing of rubber industry in those you can't anticipate the cost of the loss?

electricity costs: so the first silicone products manufacturer of the machine electricity can calculate the staggering Numbers, silicone oil hydraulic press, the machine is high energy consumption, while the machine heating and temperature on a whole day electricity is controlled in 800 yuan, if the temperature has been open no normal production process, so unnecessary waste every day, so in the confirmation for other ( Moulds and order status, etc. ) Cannot process need for predicting whether worth computer processing production.

time costs: silica gel products hydraulic manufacturers the most precious time, production is not a free people, and every day have to pay a salary, first make sure whether an employee a day do love is worth it to a salary, if there isn't a full schedule every day, a month off for a long time, not only work not in place, a time if we pay the salary, so the efficiency = strict requirements and make sure production need!

: raw materials mixing rubber industry in the wastage of the raw material is higher in an industry, because after the mold production and processing has a lot of burrs and discharge, so a product wears out 5% in general About 15% of the loss, and more exactly product point of raw material loss is bigger, so need to engineering test before production to achieve minimum, raw materials which method do recently, cost savings to a minimum.

hidden losses: the invisible waste is one of the most serious problem, don't feel like a day or two, but for a year or two down will accumulate too much, such as our common tools module remover, white oil, vulcanizing agent and color glue, etc. , can be strict control, some places seem not to spend money, but in fact Numbers more frightening than losses.

and he said to the present industry, if a silicone rubber products factory can't make money on products' profits and output it still continues to maintain, so perhaps it is the internal cost control is better, but now the silicone industry can only be from production, cost control, profit by several methods within the above!

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