How to choose the mold silicone silicone domestic manufacturers selling

by:Cupidove     2020-05-10

how to choose the mold silicone silicone domestic manufacturers selling

how to choose the mold silicone, relates to the production cost of products, mold quality, the product scrap rate, artificial, production efficiency, etc. , therefore, choose the right mold silicone is very be necessary.

when some factories use mold silicone will encounter many problems, for example, with the use, the silicone mold surface take oil, image products and don't know how to solve, some with a silicone mold soon become fragile, with ten percent broken, some not tearing resistance, some severe contraction, some even cannot be completely cured. All the problems above can be avoided or resolved.

surface oil may be again to add the silicone oil in use process, or the manufacturer added white mineral oil for raw materials, lead to the phenomenon of silicone oil after curing, general silicone with a period of time become fragile, adapt to the environment of high temperature aging, caused by the high temperature resistant and anti-aging of silica gel is not very good, resistance to tear tensile and deep contractions may be added too much silicone products oil, in short to solve this problem, you can find more authoritative merchants.

choose mold silicone is important to find a more well-known manufacturers, a well-known manufacturers of silica gel performance is relatively stable, relatively perfect in both in production technology and raw materials formula, performance is guaranteed, also has the ability to solve problems, so purchasing silicone this kind of chemical products, first see is not the price, but the brand, Cupidove silicone factory over the past 20 years, conscientious, the production of silicone stable performance and reasonable price, after-sales service in place, is a good choice.

Getting doesn't have to be expensive, time-consuming, or difficult. It all comes down to the right method and a manufacturer of silicone products Sex toys in place.
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