How to choose suitable product mold silicone

by:Cupidove     2020-04-23

how to choose suitable mold silicone products

the application field of the mold silicone products is very promising, resin handicraft, components of cement and brick carvings, gesso line, etc. ,

silicone products mold the person all know, the choice of the silica gel hardness undeserved cause deformation of the silicone mold, large products with high hardness of silica gel to open mold, small or complex pattern product must use hardness is small ( Soft) The silica gel to make mould. If it is a pattern of precision small product to do the mould with high hardness of silica gel, it's easy to have a product to fill into the mold the phenomenon of difficult demoulding, and easy to damage the decorative pattern of tiny products. If do to do large products with small hardness silicone products mold, silicone mold deformation phenomenon is seen at this moment. Therefore, we must according to the size of the product to choose suitable hardness of silica gel to make mould.

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