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by:Cupidove     2020-05-09
How to choose silicone products U disk manufacturers? U disk factory is engaged in the production U disk, mobile storage products and sales of the products, can be customized gifts U disk, U disk, advertising business gifts U disk, U disk, card card U disk, such as cartoon usb products, provide wholesale U disk, U disk cavity, gifts U disk custom services, professional gifts U disk, an expert in providing gifts U disk. Design, fashion and personality have leather U disk, wood usb, metal U disk, such as silicon U disk material, make your gift more creative. Compared with the traditional propaganda use U disk advertise, more environmental protection, the propaganda effect is more effective. User contact every day, U disk, growing old, memorable. Once launched, the brand publicity effect a permanent U disk products from processing to the factory, after drawing design, shell mould, printing, assembly, test, capacity, QC inspection, the factory. And will inevitably be in the process of U disk assembly assembly of human error, although gifts U disk factory QC department, but sometimes also can not guarantee 100% is not a problem! And U disk manufacturers is how to test the quality of the usb stick? In usb flash drive factory there is a position called testers, computer is used to test whether the U disk shows normal! Using USB interface at the same time testing more U disk capacity is wrong. U disk manufacturers also called U disk processors, just U disk is processed into a variety of accessories for a specified usb product, so only one tester to test the capacity of, please. And some illegal manufacturers to produce maximum profit is often the usb chip in a big way. Black chip, upgrade chip for processing production. The U disk does not immediately detect problem when buying, while problems after a few months or a year. Jiang Chen industrial silica gel manufacturer here remind you choose gifts U disk manufacturers need to pay attention to: first, the usb chip, because of the gifts, gifts U disk is mainly used for the choice of the chip can be practical. The second time, U disk of the establishment of the company, factory address, processing capacity. Are these the best field visit. Third, after-sales service. Fourth, product certification such as CE, FCC and RoHS certification. Fifth, the information such as company's license. Can look up shenzhen credit network credit information of the usb flash drive manufacturer.
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