How to choose and buy high quality silica gel cleansing instrument - The silicone brush purchase method

by:Cupidove     2020-09-11

since some brand silicone cleansing instrument in the articles for daily use opens up the market, the global silicone beauty face age approaching, more and more of the brand, model and creative silica gel cosmetic brush is becoming more and more alternatives to traditional curing equipment washing a face, whereas most women cleansing and skin care products is occupied by a silica gel material, and the difference between the brand and manufacturers have to is a lot of consumers into the blind area, how to choose silicone skin cleaning brush has become a difficult problem, it's too expensive a little heartache too cheap again afraid quality is bad, a lot of people are looking forward to it and hope it is not too expensive, so want to remind everyone that you choose silicone cleansing instrument?

in fact, most people should be able to feel cleansing instrument does not conflict with the features of the product, the price of silica gel in your cleansing instrument is that several function, so a lot of women reflect actually parity cleansing brush can also do very well, and the price is higher is pay attention to the brand and the details of the product, and they are valued in detail and process, so the silicone brush manufacturer do detail and material control points, that is not the same as the product of natural selection will give word of mouth!

the choose and buy the silicone skin cleaning apparatus is the first to know the brand and its reputation as well as the manufacturer, the brand is very important, such as a cleansing instrument brand company can achieve zero reputation and good after-sales and high quality natural have nothing to say the quality of the products, such as LUNA, in addition to brand and reputation, the silicone brush more important is its manufacturers craft work, so it is time to confirm a silicone cleansing instrument is good or bad:

1, the material, the silica gel raw materials is cleansing the appearance of the main body, wrapped it in the motor and plastic shell, so the silicone material is the first evaluation problem of products, need to confirm from several aspects, feel is smooth, tensile strength of springback, hard degree of the simple sense of softness, the distinction between color and waterproof effect and use aging life and so on, the last view of the gb test report for raw materials, test report requirements related to compliance with ISO/IEC17025!

2, work will include the production process of product and the mould precision, determine a good silicone skin cleaning brush manufacturers can be confirmed from the appearance and feel of the product, such as product surface soft, brush head is too brittle no tensile strength and surface there are differences between the local color, etc. , and think of moulding line distribution and brush head chamfering and the tensile strength of the brush head can determine its mould precision exactly how, generally with the hand touch parting line is not hand qualify.

3, later processing, such as fuel injection and screen printing effect of cleansing instrument, many businesses will be printed on your company LOGO or name and smooth surface processing, and want to let the consumer love a product mainly need smooth surface treatment and clear and bright design printing and processing effect, so the determination of the silicone manufacturers ink is good can feel from the handle, pattern can scan in two product, for color, position, thickness can identify the effect of it!

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