How to buy food grade silicone scraper - What are the skills select it

by:Cupidove     2020-09-13

with the improving of the global standard of living, the silicone material in the middle of the kitchen appliances has occupied most of the tools, POTS and pans choice made of silicone material is increasing, the silicone scraper also occupy one of silica gel tableware category, silicone material belongs to the security environmental protection material, which also involved in the part of the nylon and hardware compatibility of strength, but the pure silica gel material also is same, and based on different material and function, you should how to choose silicone material?

pure silicone scraper is one of the early effect of more extensive, pure silicone scraper for mainly aimed at cutting cake and stirring effect, and it's advantage is on the production process can be easy and convenient, can be directly curing silicone scraper manufacturer production processing, the mold after high temperature secondary plus sulfur in QC, trimming can complete the whole work process of finished product, can reach the standard of export and ehs qualifications, don't add any other material.

hardware package silicone scraper is different, it is mainly used for metal and silicone wrap or adhesive molding, hardware plastic bags advantage is that it has greater use, can be used in cutting or shovel cut more easily, and the drawback is that hardware and silica gel process complex, when silica gel products factory production need to add the mould curing hardware package materials, and still need to brush glue for fixed, in terms of cost will be higher than the pure silica gel, and the production efficiency and the yield will be reduced.

in addition to the package adhesive technology, the hardware with silicone adhesive silicone scraper and is one of the common tableware, it is mainly used for the silicone spatula and belongs to hard plastic handle part, scraping head belong to soft glue way separately in the secondary bonding process, this process can reduce defective rate, and the cost of bonding process and hardware plastic bags were similar, just different craft technique, the actual effect is also different, make product according to the needs of different consumers.

nylon bag rubber scraper is currently used in more extensive type of product, it has to do with metal processing technology in the same way, but the use effect of the late products to use consumers to take better experience, because of the nylon material has certain heat resistance effect and the effect of temporary twists and turns, in use process will feel so it has a certain strength, flexibility, but also can achieve twists and turns, so get broad consumer acceptance.

process is the same, using silica gel bags rubber processing, plastic processing and silicone adhesive, and process of nylon adhesive silicone firmer, stronger follow-up service life.

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