How to buy baby silicone toys? This baby growth pattern do you want to know

by:Cupidove     2020-09-14

many parents in the baby's life money will buy some baby silicone toys, namely interest in order to get the baby, don't cry; The second is to promote the baby intelligence development. But for infants, phase difference in silicone toys are suitable for them. In stages about below, how do parents to buy baby for his toys.

one, in the 2 - 5 months, can give the baby to bite the items

before one year old, the baby's mouth are sensitive stage, he used the mouth perceive the world, can give him some bite toys, meet the needs of his heart. Such as silica gel to bite, but parents must ensure purchased by silica gel toy safety, can't be too hard, otherwise it will affect your baby's teeth.

2, 8 months when tapping throw strikes can play big toys

at this stage the baby's arm and limbs strength increased, the power of feet is very big, sometimes even kick parents pain, so that we can choose a few knocks out music toys, to foster interest in the baby. Such as: silicone inflatable hammer, hammer can send out sound, also requires some effort to pick up, very accord with the phase of the baby.

at the age of three, in 1, can prepare beach ball, kitchen utensils, cardboard book

in this age of the baby's ability to learn also gradually stronger, his curiosity told him that every thing want to figure out what features, such as it is to bounce, the other is to roll, this thing can decline, so we should choose a few can satisfy the curiosity of toys, such as car beach ball, track of electric vehicles, and if no toys, baby will anything in the home as a toy, a mess.

at the time of year and a half to two years old, the baby's intelligence, development is very fast, so the baby jigsaw puzzle is a good toy for him, lay baby can play, can not only in seeing what is before your eyes, you can also try to touch by hand.

in the end, in particular, the baby in a two year old, we like to use mouth bite. In order to prevent the baby into the unhealthy food, may have been prepared with silica gel tooth plastic toy, the baby can attract attention, to avoid the baby because of boring bite the other object.

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