How to analysis by silica gel products physical quality suppliers

by:Cupidove     2020-09-15

all say analysis to come to the conclusion that sometimes in judging a person's professional standards according to the analysis of his professional judgment right or wrong when one thing from the reason analysis, to determine when a brand that management of word of mouth, and a variety of factors such as service quality, professional people do professional thing, though, we today to determine how a silica gel products could see its quality is good or bad?

when a lot of silicone products manufacturer to supply the product is not what you think, there may be a little misunderstanding, so if it is after you clearly that you have to see if other products from the suppliers have in common with the products you want! To judge a silicone products manufacturer 'feel' is the most major problems:

silicone products physical judgment:

1, the product of take out stitches from flash to the touch is rough, moulding line determines the size of the mould to work and the product mould work determines the overall effect of the product, the stitch is important!

2, product effect of sulfide, feel is hard feeling on the uneven softness, the tensile strength of springback and rebound effect is poor, relationship between curing time and the problem of raw materials to the manufacturer.

3, color and smell, the color of the silicone products mix is uniform depending on the manufacturer on the mixing process of mixing uniformity, and the longer the better color saturation.

4, silicone raw materials are non-toxic tasteless, but raw materials adding curing agent after high temperature silicone manufacturer hydraulic molding process there will be a little bit of glue smell but after secondary curing temperature and long time placement will gradually disappear! So there is no smell is normal!

for the silicone material to judge whether a supplier can get the basic requirements, basically can be judge from the above points, of course, want to choose a high quality supplier or need to know from many aspects, processing products, manufacturers strength and the qualification of nature is important!

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