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by:Cupidove     2020-08-16

sometimes in our life a lot of apparel accessories, clothes, pants, gloves and so on the occasional pattern and color of the silicone material not only are they in addition to the adornment effect but also prevent slippery waterproof function, what these little details from that process? It with silica gel products actually stick on the side, actually this kind of special silica gel is a kind of liquid material, originally is the most widely distributed in nature silica powder as raw material, through reaction with oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and organic matter, organic matter and silicon atoms connected and generate compounds. This pattern is a silicone products manufacturer processing after besmear is on clothes, the color is coated silica gel to own, shape is the use of mesh screen printing. This kind of coating ( Coating) Silica gel is a kind of coating method, through a variety of textile products can form a continuous special silicone coating.

it is especially suitable for TuGu in ornamental design bring a sock or underwear class for the use of antiskid, widely used in pure cotton cloth, twill, nylon fabric, linen, wool cloth, silk cloth, anti-slip cloth, waterproof fabric, packing cloth, high temperature resistant, good low temperature resistance, insulation cloth, anti-corrosion, senior field with senior zhang peng cloth, umbrella cloth, cloth fabric, such as aging resistance of coating processing and antiskid purposes. Coated silica gel, is a kind of rubber injection and molding, high strength, high transparent, high tear strength, high strong, stretching, stick relay performance.

non-slip coated silica gel product features:

1. Non-slip performance is wonderful; No pollution; Low hardness. Firm adhesive of graft.

2。 High tear strength; High transparency; Good tensile properties.

3。 Wear-resisting, washable, resistant to high temperature; Three-dimensional level is high, the fabric is smooth, soft, pliable texture excellent, good elasticity. Washable and dry cleaning.

4。 6 - operating time 10 hours. Cure time: 120 25-180 ℃ In 100 seconds. Tensile strength at around 12 kn/m, 13 - hardness 20 degrees, and will not have bubbles, room temperature curing ( 8 - More than 24 hours) According to customer's requirement, also can adjust the curing time and so on.

5。 Non-slip performance is wonderful; No pollution; Low hardness. Firm adhesive of graft.

6。 High tear strength; High transparency; Good tensile properties.

7。 Wear-resisting, washable, resistant to high temperature; Three-dimensional level is high, excellent texture. Because of easy to operate, can be widely used for ornamental design belt, ribbon, non-slip belt, woven label brand products dedicated sign silica gel ( Fabric coating silicone) , prevent slippery floriation tablecloth, medical garter.

liquid coating silicone can make cloth art to any of the above design, whether in anti-skid cloth or PVC plastic cloth or pure cotton cloth, and so on some cloth liquid coated silica gel can be used for logo printing, coating the silicone is through food grade testing, avirulent insipidity, with the distinction between thick and thin, generally common are translucent, color can be according to the requirements to select, coated silica gel is tearing resistance, good adhesion effect and high tensile. Is more wear-resisting, high fastness to washing, high temperature resistant, three-dimensional level, excellent texture, coated silicone antiskid performance is very good, no pollution, low hardness, strong adhesive, prevent slippery liquid coating silicone accurately.

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