How many times have struggled to use adult supplies you heart?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-07
How many times have struggled to use adult supplies you heart? Time: 2019 08 - 22 source: author: reading: statistics Chinese on the use of adult products reached more than 68%, recognition of adult products. Consumer market recognition of adult products in changed, adult supplies market size of compound annual growth rate as high as 70%. A, cognitive adult things about sex mistakes has always been to private product in the consumers' mind formed the intrinsic cognition, no matter on product purchase and sale are hampering the development of the whole industry chain. Due to the constraints of Chinese traditional concept, and emphasis on sexual physiology health is weak, the sex life skills and sexual health knowledge understanding is not enough in-depth, to produce the wrong cognition. Mainly displays in the sex lives of right, the understanding of the normal physiological demand. Always think more than 60 human desire and demand began to stop, but the fact tells us that this is a misunderstanding. This part of the people also need to have sex, only somewhat in low frequency compared with young adults. Second, the use of adult products while gradually increase the number of the use of adult products in China, but many people still in use and buy supplies with adults. Inevitable physiological demand, the use of adult supplies psychological pressure and exist at the same time, so the inner struggle very much. Don't know to see this in the article you have similar psychology? In most people's sex lives are not well satisfied, especially as a woman is more strong demand for sex, it is difficult to achieve orgasm, so can only be done with the help of adult products meet. Because the male and female orgasm g-spot, adult supplies the first reached the balance each other. Adult products also can rise to adjust the atmosphere in the process of sex role, make more sex harmony, reduce the probability of divorce as a result of sexual life quality is low. Three, adult supplies sales adult supplies to use the growth of the population, has given rise to an increase in adult shop. In adult supplies store sales, expand more channels, from online drainage offline sales has become the norm. Offline activities, mainly about sexual health knowledge, the development community, campus and so on the surrounding crowd resources, to raise their store sales, and the effect is more obvious. Adult supplies industry competition, the operator must improve their professional level to better operating their own stores. Except for sexual health knowledge study for service need to do more fine. Fourth, how to manage the store for sales side, consumers no longer struggle because of using adult supplies, help operators into interacting with customers to promote clinch a deal. Early to use adult supplies people with heart, also begins to be part of the population affect child porn on the use of higher acceptance. How to manage the store? Present more successful in business, understand how to improve store performance, that is how to better serve the customers? To understand people to buy to make analysis, mainly is the consumer life state, ages, interests, and so on portrait. Maximum help to set up shop operators success.
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