How in the adult products industry, to find the life first bucket of gold?

by:Cupidove     2020-04-01
How in the adult products industry, to find the life first bucket of gold? Time: 2019 08 - 14 source: author: reading: in recent years, domestic market unusually hot, adult products according to related survey data show that in 2017 adult supplies will be as high as 120 billion domestic market. In the face of such a large market, a lot of people are trying to come in a slice of this action. However, due to domestic adult supplies market is not mature, many people came in not only didn't earn money, but stumbled. So, how do you find life first bucket of gold in this market? A, the ideological understanding, different from ordinary people have to be for many people, have to enter the adult supplies the idea of the industry, but because of the influence of traditional culture, some deep-rooted ideas lead to most people lost the courage to enter the industry. So, many people just think about it afterward. Adult products mentioned, most people would think porn, filthy, vulgar, is resistance. But, when you and your wife have sex, wear condoms for birth control, you will also have this idea? Want to find the first bucket of gold in this industry, first you must be recognized in the industry in the thoughts, if the industry is not approved, how do you to gold in this industry? Second, the necessary choice to join? The current domestic market of adult supplies, new most is the way to join in. In treating the problem of whether to join, a lot of people very entanglements, a lot of people think joining is defraud jiamingfei, this is a wrong idea. Newcomer has absolutely no experience in this industry, the market operation also know nothing, and joined the way is to let you in a short period of time, the most effective way to enter the industry. For joining platform mature, they know more about this industry, not only let you join in, to instruct them more professional in the industry. When choosing to join the company, of course, there should be a discrimination, after all the good and evil people mixed up the market, many cheater company, too. Join in, should choose those companies with a history of the brand. Such as adult supplies, in the adult products industry, has eight years of brand history, choose such a large company, will not have to worry about so much trouble back at home. Three, joining in general, the benefits of a large company for merchants to join in, one is for the sake of profit, to ensure the survival of the enterprise. The second is to own brand bigger and stronger. Three is to enter the new charge fees in the industry. Therefore, for franchisees to join in, they will provide perfect joining services, to ensure that the joining trader can establish oneself in the industry. Such as join, set up shop in site selection, as well as personal distribution mode selection, and the store management operation strategy, etc, will be to guide the franchisees. If cannot guarantee that the vast majority of franchisees, after entering the industry gain a foothold, the platform will fall, it is vile indeed for them. So, after the franchisees to join in, can share to them in some of the resources in the field of the industry, and these resources, it is what you lack. Four, join after entering the industry, how to do it again? Many people have a very naive, thought since joining in means to make money, can rest easy. In fact, it is also a very superficial understanding. A simple event, for example, A gentleman and B jun joined the adult supplies, respectively, with the support of merchants, two people's shop open power. But, after half a year, the fate of the two shop is different. A gentleman is A man in time of peace prepare for war, love dynamic business brains, too. Shop is 24 hour unmanned automatic vending experience store, in theory, do not need too much work. But A gentleman in order to bring the enterprise long-term business, fancy with his shop on the Internet marketing of the product. A is to seize the characteristics of their products, the use of major social software product publicity, to make friends, especially those popular XingYao gun thing as the real social software, became his best platform for propaganda. At the same time, A is also summarized his circle of friends, find those who have the products need friends, recommended to try to them actively, friends with good, and recommend to people around. The diffusion, his business is getting better and better, and also created many loyal repeat customers. And B, is not a man who has a good head for business, and oneself also lazy, used to content with the status quo. After joining, he seldom do some product marketing aspects, more do not understand how to propaganda. Go to the store if someone independent buy products will have income, nobody took the initiative to buy is no business. Shop opened the rectified, business is always so neither dead nor alive. Examples of these two opposite, in fact, is to tell everyone, no matter in which aspects of the business, how to run it is the key. Is the most basic requirements, business have business mind, know how to sell their products. Adult supplies market prospect is quite optimistic, in the face of such a big market, how to find the first bucket of gold, everyone CARES about. But nothing more than this: doing business first recognized in the industry, then they can smoothly into the industry, the last is to create their own customers and sell products smoothly!
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