How do sex products wechat business agent's tip

by:Cupidove     2020-04-02
How do sex products wechat business agent's tip time: 2019 - 07 - 06 source: author: reading: do sex products wechat business agent, when facing the customers into the store to consult, if you don't know how to sell products to them? Why many times to promote a product failure? Small make up today to chat with you a few marketing tips a coup, understand the product's good than its competitors in the marketing process, you must ask yourself: & other; Why the customer want to buy my product, not my competitors? ” This is very important. Many salesmen think customers should buy his product. But there are a lot of products and services are good, why did he want to buy you? If you did not carefully analysis, I think will have great difficulty in getting in the middle of the selling process. If do not have to do this, it is difficult for your products and services to fall in love with you, because you never know what is your product better than others. The coup, analyses the reason of customer buy or not buy you must carefully analyze your customers, as the best seller 'run the flag' author McKay said: & other; Know your customers and know you as important products. ” You must ask yourself: why the customer will buy my product? Do you want to study these reasons. Why are some potential customers not to buy? Buy what customers have in common? Don't buy what customers have in common? As long as you take these customer classification, you can understand, the original for customers with the quality, not to buy the customers have the same resistance points. After understanding these, you can easily know, how to improve the way of product introduction and marketing methods. Coup three, to the customer's security in the process of selling, you'll be constantly put forward to prove to the customer, make him think you. Each person at the time of decision making, there will be fear, he was afraid to make wrong decisions, it is wrong to fear the money he spent. So you must to give him a sense of security. You must always ask yourself, when the customer buy my products and service, I got to do to give him a sense of security? Coup four, find out the key point of customer purchase and a sale is the key, each customer has a & other; keybuyingpoint” , that is, he will buy your product key. Maybe you have eleven product features, may be only one for him is the most important, the important key if don't have to live, the rest. I remember Lincoln talked about, he said that if I want to go to court to help a person, to defend the seven, if before six are not as important as (7), the six before I let you win, I as long as the defense finally. This is so reasonable. Coup 5, know who are your customers and be especially put forward the concept of is here, you have to understand & other; Who are your customers? ” There are a lot of time not every product is suitable for everyone, not to say that you sell good product, you will be successful. Such as some people say that & other; Rolls-Royce is a great car & throughout; , but if the customer is a housewife, or just the mother to take children go to class, she may not need a Rolls-Royce, even if it is a good car. So every product has its own customer, you must have a clear understanding of who is your customer, especially who is your ideal customer. Who is suitable for your product? What are the people urgently need your goods? How do you go to find these people? Many salesmen on develop new customers have a lot of difficulties, because they never carefully analyze, exactly who is suitable for their products.
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