How are the silica gel products factory product quality customer decided

by:Cupidove     2020-09-06

what kind of customers in our silicone products industry has, what kind of manufacturers have, as a silica gel products in the industry of seasoning after so many years, is still on a senior manufacturer, and now many silicone products manufacturer lost many, many customers are not the second deal, but as a member of the should learn how to more stable customer, we have a good and bad, just like two days ago to a customer, in their processing type, so our manufacturers how to get customer's approval?

a lot of silicone manufacturers may be for those who are fastidious customer complain, let both sides very embarrassing, silica gel products small make up this is not qualified to answer this question, but wanted to think or give some advice, first as a silica gel production and processing factories, your purpose is to communicate with the customer to let them buy our silicone products, like shopping store, the shopkeeper is not calm, smile for you to meet? So in negotiation with a customer should be self-effacing modesty, but don't to the bottom line is good, we is the production of suppliers, and customers have secondary trading may at any time, so don't be impulsive do only after the first deal to ignore, if maintaining the fine future orders to other colleagues? I remember a word before you read on the Internet is like this 'before buying them things they can when your grandson, but should have you finished her buying a little trouble when grandchildren' but we are a manufacturer, not individual sellers, so don't do this violate the moral conscience. This not only hurt yourself, also ruined the reputation of the company.

another is good faith, no matter what do you do in which industry, if a person without good faith, no one will work with you, one may forgive others, but the second three who also will forgive you, so, as a manufacturer agreed delivery time have to do it, don't have to hide, can't do without integrity who will do business with you?

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